4 Basic Tips if You Want to Practice Swimming as if There Was No Tomorrow

4 Basic Tips if You Want to Practice Swimming as if There Was No Tomorrow

It is available to anyone and is one of the most complete and healthy physical disciplines that can be practiced. If one of your purposes this summer is to stroke in the pool (or in the sea) until you become a human dolphin, there are five key details that you should be clear about from minute zero.

In times of sensory and digital overload , there are few sports that isolate you more from external noise and offer a healthy technological detox option than swimming. Here we answer the five questions you (perhaps) always asked yourself.

4 Basic Tips if You Want to Practice Swimming as if There Was No Tomorrow

1 How many calories will I burn with swimming?

Some will think of swimming as a good cardio option to burn fat more or less quickly and without looking like a hamster in his cage in the elliptical, step and treadmill section. The amount of calories you will burn will depend on the type of swimming you choose, the intensity with which you practice it and also on your body weight: the bigger you are, the more you will burn.

Back is the most affordable modality, while the fast crawl and the butterfly are the best options for your flat stomach operatiДата публикации: you can overcome the 1,000 kcal barrier with a body of 90 kilos. These figures are very similar to other sports, such as running and cycling, which make it a great alternative for those who want to be in contact with the natural environment.

2 Can you get a statuesque body like it kills me in the free weight zone kaufen drostanolone propionate Deutschland?

Swimming, of course, can get you that defined and fat-free body you are looking for, but hypertrophy is a difficult goal that, in addition, will depend on the intensity with which you train. Most experts say it works better as a supplement to free weight than as an alternative — look at photos of Michael Phelps or any of your aquatic idols and, yes, you will see that he has a back like a wardrobe, but not the Hulk’s arms and pecs that perhaps you are looking testosteron enantat kaufen for.

The sessions, however, have to be constant and varied, playing with different types of exercises and rhythms. Apply the HIIT philosophy for optimal results, improved circulation, acceleration of the healing process and set an ambitious goal of about two weekly swimming training sessions combined with four other bodybuilding sessions.

4 Basic Tips if You Want to Practice Swimming as if There Was No Tomorrow

3 Is it as good for the back as they say?

Swimming is one of the most complete sports in the sense that it involves almost all the muscle groups in the body, as long as you apply the technique judiciously. Therefore, it is one of the disciplines especially indicated for the annoying problems of pain and back discomfort that we have many.

The problem is that it is usually the easy option for orthopedic surgeons when indicating the introduction to sports practice. Before it is better to know the type of ailment you have, and to be aware that each style is good or harmful for each type of circumstance. Do you have kyphosis? Perhaps you do not want to abuse the crawl, especially if you are dominant on one side and bet on a movement like the back that will make you open your chest instead of hunching your posture.

4 What glasses should I wear?

One of the most overwhelming decisions when starting out, which will largely depend on how, when and where you practice the sport. The blue lenses are especially indicated for the pool, the clear ones for the months with less light and the polarized ones for swimming in open water. Make an effort to buy ones with a good anti-fog system, although you will probably have to end up pulling liquids or lifelong resources such as saliva to unravel the crystals. Run away from the masks if your action is going to be all interior and take a good look at the Swedish guy if you are a beginner.

And one last tip: buy yourself a good towel, really, you do not want to expose yourself to the fiber that usually have large gym chains.